General Questions

ListNerds is a collection of online entrepreneurs that have agreed to receive messages and notifications from other members inside of the platform. Commonly known as a 'viral mailer, safelist, mailer', ListNerds goes above and beyond what might be considered 'the industry standard' and brings exclusive new elements to a vibrant and active community!

As a member of ListNerds, each member agrees to receive in house messages / emails from each other. This makes the platform highly targeted to online entrepreneurs and a fantastic way to grow your businesses through sales and conversions.

Yes, you can join ListNerds for free and you never have to pay a penny to use the service. However as your needs grow and you wish to use the platform even more for your business, ListNerds does have upgrade options tailor made to serve you and get better results from your time!

Yes and no! Yes, you will always get exposure to the ListNerds member base every time you send your messages. Whether or not it is clicked on, depends on how well your messages convert. We do everything we can to help you get as many clicks and opens as possible, but at the end of the day the better you get at writing headlines, subject lines and email copy...The better your results!

Absolutely NOT! With all of the new privacy laws coming out across the world, it was just easier for us to not use them. Plus we don't like the possibility of other(s) seeing and/or using your data and information.

Blockchain Questions

You can read about our unique and brand new 'Proof Of Mail' concept here. We have built the ListNerds platform on top of the Hive blockchain where your emails are verified and confirmed by other members of the platform. Each email that is verified and sent, creates a unique reward mechanism that helps both senders and receivers of the messages!

Yes and no! Yes, you are rewarded for reading and acting on the messages you receive, but you MUST confirm and verify the email. And that is done with the Proof-Of-Mail system put in place inside of ListNerds. We reward senders, receiver and 'stakers' in ListNerds.

Senders - Rewarded in LISTNERDS token

Receivers - Rewarded in CTP token token

Stakers - Rewarded in both LISTNERDS and CTP tokens

For more detailed explanation of how this all works, make sure you check out our White Paper here!

Account Questions

Log into your account, click on Account Settings, you will then see the option to 'Delete Your Account'

Absolutely! We will never sell, rent or display your contact information to any third party. In fact, the way that ListNerds separates itself from other traditional 'viral mailers' is that all our messages are in house. Meaning a member sends, receives and reads all messages within the system itself!

Mail Questions

Every link within a ListNerd message is clickable. Meaning, the receiver can click on a link at the beginning of the message, or at the end. Now strategically, most email markets would tell you keep links to a minimum and have a strong call to action...The same holds true in ListNerds.

Simple! Use ListNerds more! Test and track every message you send, and see what works and what doesn't. Put it simply, the more you use ListNerds, the better you will get at writing and crafting effective emails and messages!










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