Introducing ListNerds

With a new concept that will change the way traditional online marketing works by combining the trusted methods tested for years in Affiliate marketing space with adding elements to verify them and becoming more effective - Proof-of-mail

People are bombarded with marketing messages and lose interest and the company or individual never gets their message accross.

When mail is sent without validation there is no reason for the sender to improve their message and there is no reason for the receiver to actually read the mail.

Time and attention worth something and for both sender and receiver of the marketing message must benefit in new ways.

The Sender

Will get their messages read and acted upon, which in turn can potentially add sales and conversions to their efforts.


The Receiver

Will get quality messages verified by the community that contains no harmful links or scam messages.

The Staker

ListNerds introduces a new party to the mix and it can be both Sender and/or Receiver